Découverte post punk et mythe du punk rock : Douleurs Exquises et The Turbo AC’S

Découverte post punk et mythe du punk rock : Douleurs Exquises et The Turbo AC’S

19 décembre 2022 0 Par Marie d'Emm

Le 5 novembre dernier on se payait un retour aux origines avec la soirée punk, post punk Chez Paulette. Quelle bonne idée de rassembler le post punk de Douleurs Exquises et les mythiques Turbo AC’S.

Radiation, dernier album de Turbo AC’S est sorti le 22 juin 2018 chez Concrete Jungle Records et Stomp Records.

Marie nous ramène là encore des moments pixelisés pour mieux se replonger dans l’ambiance de la soirée.

Douleurs Exquises

Douleurs Exquises c’est une histoire de famille, post punk et collective

Turbo AC’S

The world is on the brink. The brink of what? Everything bad? Lead singer Kevin Cole has narrowly escaped his collapsing home of New York City to Puerto Rico, only to have his punk rock pizza shop choked & drowned by Hurricane Maria. What better time and place to write the perfect surf laden punk rock record for a new generation of kids who despise the government, their parents, and each other? What better person than Kevin Cole to lead the way? The battle-scarred rock n roll stalwart who’s had every shitty hand life can deal and still ends up on a beach like Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption! Enter: “Radiation”-perhaps the most pronounced rock n’ roll document since “The Ramones”, with classic outcast hooks like “there’s something wrong with everyone I see, but baby, there’s nothin’ wrong with me!” Radiation will sweep the land, the kids will be infected, and The Turbo AC’s will be the cockroach that just keeps charging in a time when there are no signs of life.
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