Triple dose death au Gueulard Plus

Triple dose death au Gueulard Plus

11 mars 2022 0 Par Erwan Meunier

Tu prendras bien ta triple dose ?

Le 4 mars dernier le Gueulard Plus à Nilvange proposait un plateau pour les amateurs de death mélodique pointu. Miles to Perdition, des luxembourgeois, ouvrait pour les frenchies de Catalyst et Carcariass.

Notre Marie d’Emm, une fois de plus nous en ramène trois séries de photos qui feront le bonheur de vos yeux tout autant que celui des groupes présents.

Miles to Perdition

Their aggressive,heavy music did not prevent them though from playing big stages and as support act for bands like : Avenged Sevenfold (US), Arch Enemy (SWE), At the Gates (SWE), Sepultura (BRZ), The Dillinger Escape Plan (US), Between the Buried And Me (US), The Black Dahlia Murder(US), Darkest Hour(US), Hatesphere (DK), Oathbreaker (BE) or War From a Harlots Mouth(GER).
In 2016 rewarded with the METAL BATTLE LUXEMBOURG Winner Title, which enabled them to play at Wacken Open Air Festival

Spotify : Miles to Perdition


The original story of “the Catalyst”, vital core character of the band’s concept, is being carried through the first album with 12 tracks produced by HK Krauss from Vamacara Studio (Loudblast, Sinsaneum, Dagoba, …), while artistic direction was entrusted to Above Chaos (Meshuggah, Moonsorrow, …).From the beginning to its end, « The Great Purpose Of The Lords » takes you in the core of a complex music, sailing from brutality to serenity, and packed with a lot of annihilating riffs and melody. Catalyst carry you in a magical and singular universe for more than a hour.


CARCARIASS is a Metal band from France. The music of CARCARIASS is going from Death Metal to Heavy Metal. A powerful and melodic music with many instrumental passages that follow each other with extreme fluidity. The name CARCARIASS comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the latin name of the Great White Shark. New album called « PLANET CHAOS », is the 5th album of the band