Un dimanche à Mennecy

Un dimanche à Mennecy

16 décembre 2022 0 Par Erwan Meunier

Mennecy Metal Fest #10, la journée du dimanche !
Isis Picture Show grâce à la gentillesse des bénévoles de Fest Mennecy et de MusikÖ Eye a pu profiter de son dimanche pour se régaler en photos. Elle nous en a rapporté quelques unes qu’on vous laisse découvrir ici.

Toute l’équipe de Warm TV a hâte de découvrir le cru 2023 du festival essonnien.


NERVD drives ahead with a look in the rear-view mirror. By no means stuck in the past, the band simply loves the sound that forged its identity. With roots in the90s, the quintet goes for solid metal that never forgets groove nor melody. Pantera, Alice in Chains, Hatebreed… Plenty of references, but NERVD plays NERVD first and foremost.


E-Force was formed in Montreal, Canada in 2001 by vocalist/bassist, Eric Forrest, upon his departure from the legendary Canadian cyber metallers Voivod. In all Eric appeared on two studio masterpieces, “Negatron” and “Phobos”, on the live album, “Voivod Lives” and on the compilation: “Kronik”. When leaving Voivod, Forrest used his nickname, “E-Force”, as the name for his new band. Labeled monsters of Thrash, Eric Forrest’s wide array of musical influences and vocal capabilities set E-Force apart from the pack and ensure that this band is very original. E-Force released their debut album “Evil Forces” to widespread critical acclaim in 2003. Soon after Forrest relocated to France, resulting in a line-up change.
Site Officiel d’E-Force


NYDVIND was born in Paris in 2000 and released its 1st album “Eternal Winter Domain” in 2003. In 2006 debut album was re-released as a digipack with 3 bonus and in 2010 its 2nd album, “Sworn to the Elders” was released. Then the band worked on a tetralogy based on the 4 elements, : “Tetramental” opening now with “Tetramental I – Seas of Oblivion“, released in 2018 by Malpermesita Records.


K.O.B. est un groupe né des cendres de WOTAN, combo qui officia essentiellement dans le courant des années 80. Après quelques dix années ou chacun évolua dans diverses formations, la décision fut prise de reformer ce combo en 1997 !! Trio à la re-formation (Thierry Huylebroeck, guitare, Bruno Laguide, Batterie et Michel Beaussart, Basse), K.O.B. s’est adjoint les services de Stéphane Graziani au chant en 1999 et de Rodolphe Bousquet en second guitariste en 2000. L’année 2001 sera essentiellement orientée vers la conception d’un premier album qui verra le jour le 27/03/02 et intitulé ” Mekanism Of Time ” sorti chez Brennus.
Spirit of Metal


Fatima loves oriental melodies, Doom Metal, 60’s monster movies, gross cartoons from the 90’s, dinosaurs and bacalhau à bras.
Fatima Bandcamp


…On 18 November 2018, Onslaught posted a teaser video on Facebook, confirming that they were recording their seventh studio album at Grindstone Studios.[21] The band released the video for their first song in six years “A Perfect Day to Die” in March 2019, which is “a nod to [their] sadly departed friends from Motörhead who were a major influence for Onslaught over the years.”[22]
On 29 April 2020, Onslaught announced that vocalist Sy Keeler had once again parted ways with the band, citing his reason as, “Due to the nature of the modern-day music industry, some things simply aren’t sustainable year after year and Sy has now taken a different full-time career path.”[23] A few days later, it was announced that Keeler was replaced by Dave Garnett, who had previously performed in Onslaught by filling in for him the House of Metal festival in Umeå, Sweden that past February.[24]


Revealed in 2002, MANIGANCE is back in 2022 with a new opus ! The band comes back stronger than ever with its melodic power metal, striking and new female voice that takes the band to new, more original and modern inspirations. This new album offers an explosive universe. After 7 studio albums, 1 live album, European tours, festivals, the story goes on! 2022 will surely be the year MANIGANCE !
Bandcamp Manigance


…En 2000, Tagada Jones effectue un split avec le groupe Mass Murderers. L’année suivante, en 2001, ils publient leur troisième album studio, Manipulé, puis partent en tournée en soutien à l’album, notamment à La Boule Noire à Paris le 22 octobre avec Grimskunk et Black Bomb A2. La tournée est enregistrée et publiée la même année sous format CD intitulé Manipulé Tour 2001. En 2003, Tagada Jones publie son quatrième album studio, intitulé L’Envers du décor, qui comprend un total de 13 chansons, dont la version dub de la chanson S.O.S.3. En 2004 ils sortent leur compilation The Worst of Tagada Jones qui comprend « les pires chansons » de Tagada Jones….


KINGCROWN was founded in 2018 following the abandonment of the name Öblivïon and the 1st album “Resilience”- In Novembe 2019, the album “A Perfect World was released via Rock Of Angels Records.
During this difficult period of world pandemic, the envy left some members of the band, leaving Jo and David Amore to continue the adventure alone.
Site officiel Kingcrown


For most of the first half of 2021 the band remained largely quiet on social media. On 4 June 2021, the band announced they were set to release the new album Motorheart in October. The album was eventually released on 19 November 2021. The album’s cover was also unveiled in the announcement. The first single, “Motorheart”, was released in August 2021. Along with the album release, the band announced an extensive list of UK tour dates to take place throughout November and December in support of the release of the album.[52]